Beautiful map of dolphins' movements!

Hi Everyone,

Below is another map of the tagged dolphins from the mass stranding event in Wellfleet last Thursday. I am very encouraged to see that #63, the animal that rode out the storm in Cape Cod Bay, is now beginning to move around a little more. His minimal movements and localized behavior was interesting and may have been a sign of a slow recovery. It also could have been any number of things, but that would be high on my list of suspicions.

Number 62 continues to hover offshore heading in the direction of Georges Bank. To date, #62 has traveled more then twice the distance traveled by #63. #62 has demonstrated a significant energy output to travel the distance he traveled after a stranding event.

Enjoy this beautiful map created by our GIS expert, Kerry Lagueux. You will notice that he inserted a key for you in the bottom left corner of the map.

The days ahead will be fascinating to observe the behavior of these two animals. I hope they will eventually join up but only time will tell. Would be fun to start a pool of when it might happen and in what region...is that legal?? I'm sure I'll be hearing from our council about that statement!

- Connie

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Also, you might be interested to see a video about last week's rescue efforts put together by our rescue partners at IFAW. Check it out here.


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