Map of the released dolphins

Hi all,

I have to work fast since the power has been flickering on and off. This will be a short blog, I'll catch you up in more detail tomorrow. Below is a map of the dolphin locations for today, March 15. Dolphin #63 remains inside Cape Cod Bay while #62 had moved farther east on the outside of the Cape. (You can clearly see how far #62 has traveled by looking at an early map here. These data came in soon after the dolphins were released following a mass stranding event.)

I am relieved they are both still transmitting, that is a good sign. We still have some hurdles to overcome but we'll view those over the next several days. Weather is supposed to improve so that will be in their favor.

Have a great evening!

- Connie



  1. This coverage is great and really appreciated. Your team is doing a wonderful job. Thanks!

  2. thanks for the postings Connie! It's great to see whats happening after we release them.
    Melanie Holmes IFAWMMR