Tuzigoot acupuncture on video!

Tuzigoot (#113), one of our Kemp's ridley sea turtles, had another round of acupuncture in the Aquarium Medical Center yesterday. In the video you can see the needles at different points that are used to help stimulate the muscle in the jaw. Then acupuncturist Claire Mcmanus palpates and massages the turtle.

Upon being returned to the water by Erin, a rescue team member, you can see how wide the turtle is able to open its mouth in order to eat a squid ring. Up until about a week ago this turtle was only able to eat guts of squid and fish by "sucking" it in through an opening about 3 cm wide between the upper and lower jaw.

As long as the turtle is able to continue to eat well, the outlook is very good!

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